Hey Sigmund: www.heysigmund.com

This site has very readable and valuable articles for many of life's distresses.  Great resource for articles on raising children.

Squirmy Wormy: How I Learned to Help Myself

About a boy named Tyler who has autism and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and has learned what he can do to help himself feel better. Wilson (2012)

How to Talk so Kids Will Listen and Listen so Kids Will Talk

This is a classic book on communicating with children.  The advice is clear and down-to-earth on how to help children cope with feelings of frustration, disappointment, anger, and more. Faber and Mazlish (1999)


FamilyEducation: www.familyeducation.com

This site offers a bit of everything from parenting articles, arts and crafts, recipes and video game review for kids.  Printables for kids available here as well.

When My Worries Get Too Big!

Helpful for parents with children experiencing anxieties.  Children learn to develop self-calming strategies. Buron (2006).

Ready Set R.E.L.A.X

A research based book on relaxation for helping children learn self-esteem.  Ages 5-13 this book offers tools for children to overcome anxiety through use of music, muscle relaxation, and storytelling. Allen and Klein (1997)

The Most Magnificent Thing

Learning how to fail and try again.  Spires (2014)

Television For Kids

How to Really Love Your Child

This book helps parent to understand the emotional needs of children.  Practical applications help parents show love to their children in ways that can be continually received and returned. D. Ross Campbell, MD (2015)

Hands Are Not for Hitting

Children learn that violence is never okay.  Children learn that they can manage their strong feelings. Agassi and Heinlen (2009)

Dr. Toy:www.drtoy.com

Information, advice, and reviews on toys and educational products for children

Sensitive Sam

Story of Sam whose various sensory sensitivities adversely affect Sam's experiences at home and in the classroom. Roth-Fisch (2009)

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

Developed by the Fred Rogers Company, this show presents many issues young children face and the child-centered manner in which parents, caregivers and teachers handle these joys and struggles alongside the children.

My Name Is Brain - Brian

Book for children about a boy who struggles to hide his dyslexia from his friends.  Betancourt (1995)

Niagara Falls, Or Does It? #1 (Hank Zipzer)

A high spirited and funny book based on Henry Winkler's true life experiences with dyslexia.  Winkler and Oliver (2004)

How I Learn: A Kid's Guide to Learning Disability.

Introduces learning disability in concrete terms for younger students capable of learning in unique ways. Miles, Patterson and Heinrichs (2014)

Do Unto Otters

Fun book about manners. Keller (2009)

Books For Parents and Educators:

It's Called Dyslexia

About a child who often has trouble putting letters together to read words and how she is helped to read and write correctly.  Moore-Mallinos and Roca (2007)

Parenting With Love and Logic

Valuable and sound wisdom for raising children.  This book has an extensive section on specific parenting issues including, Bullies, Bedtimes, The Internet, Tantrums, School Problems, and much more. Cline and Fay (2006)

How to Behave So Your Children Will Too

Entertaining stories and practical ideas from real parents fill this best seller.  This book will teach you how to teach your children to behave, listen and be more cooperative.  It will help you recapture the joy of being a parent. Sal Severe, Ph.D (1997)

Mrs. Gorski, I Think I Have the Wiggle Fidgets

David finds himself in all kinds of situations at school that seem like great ideas until he has to make a better plan.  Esham, Gordon and Gordon (2015)

Ellie Bean the Drama Queen

Helps children with sensory issues and adults around them understand what they are going through. Harding and Padgett (2011)

Parenting at More4kids - Written by Parents for Parents: www.more4kids.info

Full of articles and all aspects of parenting for any age.  Great advice and ideas to help parents.

Terrific Teddy's Excessive Energy

A book about how to explain ADD/ADHD to children.  Teddy has trouble paying attention, remembering rules, and controlling energy.  Forgan and Barge (2015)

Parenting From the Inside Out

The authors explore how early childhood experiences shape the way we parent.  New findings in neurobiology, attachment research and interpersonal relationships inform this work.  Parents are offered a step-by-step approach to forming a deeper understanding of their own life stories in order to aid in raising resilient and compassionate children. Siegel and Hartzell (2014)

Children's Books Addressing Specific Issues including Discipline, Learning to Fail,  Fear, ADHD, Learning Differences, and Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism and Dyslexia

Words Are Not For Hurting

Helps toddlers and young children make the connection between words that can hurt and feelings of anger and sadness.    Verdick (2004)

Too Shy for Show and Tell

Learning to deal with fear. Bracken (2012)

Dr. Michele Borba: www.micheleborba.com/articles

Valuable articles for parents and educators

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You Get What You Get

Learning to deal with disappointment.  Gassman (2012)